Boatflow aims to be the largest site in Japan offering used pleasure boats, sailing yachts, PWC, jet-boats, oversized work boats, patrol boats, speed boats, research vessels, and catamarans. directly from their owners.

Boatflow team of marine professionals will eagerly assist export buyers worldwide in purchasing the vessel and handling inland delivery and export formalities.

Boatflow will arrange inland transportation from anywhere in the Japan to our packing facilities or origin ports and help you safely and securely purchase and deliver a boat of your choice.


Boatflow offers complete yacht transport logistics options which include domestic boat hauling by truck to loading ports, building a custom cradle to support yachts in transport, arranging loading and discharge operations with stevedores and load masters.

Boatflow offers several different shipping options, depending depending on the size of the vessel, desired destination and timetable required. These options include:

  • General Cargo, Deck Cargo
    Vessels are carried on the deck of the ship.

  • Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO)
    Ro-Ro vessels have built-in ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently "rolled-on" and "rolled off" the vessel when in port. Available for either boats shipped on trailers or cradles to most worldwide destinations."


  • Flat Rack platforms
    The Flat Rack platforms are regular shipping containers which have no tops or sides and give more flexibility for vessels with greater height and width dimensions up to 40ft

    Flat rack

  • 40ft high cube containers (sideways or straight-on)
    Depending on make and model, many boats up to 28ft long with beam up to 8.6ft can be loaded sideways safely on custom built cradles into containers while narrow-beam boats can be loaded straight-on


  • Captain delivery
    Oversized vessels can be delivered to the final destination by


  1. Contact us to choose the best vessel for your needs and budget listed at Boatflow.
  2. Boatflow will provide detailed shipping quote with the appropriate and most cost effective method to deliver the boat of your choice to your destination country.
  3. Boatflow will arrange negotiations with the owner and arrange paperwork formalities.
  4. Payment in full will be made prior to releasing the boat for transport. Payment may be made via a bank wire transfer.
  5. Upon payment confirmation Boatflow will arrange inland trucking,export documentation and loading.
  6. You will be mailed the Import documents and receive regular updates regarding shipping schedule.


If you would like more information, have a general enquiry or would like to offer us feedback please contact us via our online form. All enquiries are important to us and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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