Going to sea is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities you can experience, but once you get far from land you really appreciate how important your boat is!
To keep you and your friends or family safe, a seaworthy boat must be extremely tough, well-made and totally reliable - and that means buying a new one is extremely expensive.
For most people, owning their own sea boat or yacht is just a dream, a rich man's hobby or for business people who already have a lot of money.

There is however, a way to get a high quality boat at a great price - buy a 2nd hand Japanese boat from Boatflow!Both Japanese cars and boats are known for their excellent quality and design, which is evident in the attention to detail and high-quality materials. You know outboard engines from Japanese companies such as Honda and Yamaha are highly prized, but did you know Yamaha and other Japanese companies make boats as well? Japan is an island surrounded by sea, so there are more than 100 marinas and 2,866 fishing ports in this relatively small country. Boating is a big thing here!

High Standards

Of course Japanese boats are made by Japanese people, and Japanese people are known for their meticulous nature and high standards, including a high standard of honesty.These high standards are also reflected in how they take care of their things, including their boats. Typically the boats we see here at Boatflow are kept clean, serviced regularly with genuine parts and just generally well-maintained and well-cared for.

The unique features that Japanese boats offer are also hard to find elsewhere. Japanese boats are designed to have features such as built-in live wells, rod holders and tough sun canopies, made to the same standard as the rest of the vessel. These features can make a significant difference compared to fitting lower-quality aftermarket accessories.
Even non-Japanese boats purchased from Japan tend to be the better quality and well-designed foreign models, and they are equally carefully maintained by their Japanese owners.

We also find that the high standards of Japanese boat owners means they are almost always very honest about the condition of their boats. Usually they are only selling because they are now elderly to enjoy their boat or they are now wealthy enough to afford a brand new one.

In summary, even with the cost of shipping, a typical 2nd hand Japanese boat is a safer and smarter investment than buying an inferior, locally-made boat!

Our Standards

Boatflow is a Japanese company, located in Shizuoka City, Japan, and we hold ourselves to those same high standards described above!

There is no official/licensed institution of marine surveyors in Japan, and offering any form of warranty on a boat which has already been shipped to another country is not really possible. So instead we offer you 3 levels of service, to suit your needs and budget:

Boatflow Self-Service

If you haven't already signed up for an account, sign up today, for we can also alert you about any boats available within your search criteria! This service is free.
For those on a tight budget, Boatflow Self-Service is your most affordable option. You search and review the website or our email, to find an ideal boat within your budget, including the cost of shipping. For most boats and most countries, shipping to your nearest port is automatically calculated for you. Unusual boats, such as sailing yachts, catamarans and so on, will need a manual quotation.

You review the description and photographs, and if you are happy with what you see, then place your order with a 10% deposit. That secures your boat from being sold to anyone else, and so we can begin the complex process of proving the seller's ownership and then, upon your full payment, arranging transfer of ownership, the shipping and paperwork of exporting your new boat from Japan to your home country.
We make everything go as smoothly as possible!

Boatflow Premium

Boatflow Premium is our most popular service, and goes beyond us arranging all the paperwork verification and export requirements, because we will also carry out an inspection of your chosen boat.

Boatflow's inspection services are a great way to ensure that you are getting the boat you truly wish for. These inspections take approximately a week or two to arrange and cost $500 (USD), which is a small price to pay to ensure that your investment is sound. The inspections cover everything from bow to stern, and we photograph all the important parts of the boat, and then give you our honest opinion about the general condition and any areas of concern or repairs we believe are needed.

Boatflow VIP

Boatflow VIP is the same the Boatflow Premium service, with an even greater level of depth in the inspection, and includes video, with sound. At the VIP level we seek cooperation with the owner to let us start up the engine or engines from cold, we open and close all hatches and operate all machinery, such as winches or accessories like fishfinders. It's like you're there, seeing and hearing everything with us!

Not all sellers are willing to cooperate at this level, but if we can arrange a VIP inspection for you then this is actually better than visiting Japan in person, and at only $1200 USD it's more affordable! We know boats inside out and what to look for, we can chat in fluent Japanese and we ensure we don't forget anything. You don't need to leave your country or even your favorite chair; get a really good, up-close look at your dream boat, before going ahead with one of the most exciting purchases of your life!
We look forward to serving you